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Looking to upgrade your ride, or simply need some quick cash?
Simply bring your vehicle to Bourgeois Hyundai and we’ll gladly provide a free appraisal and an offer to buy your vehicle!

Why sell your vehicle to Bourgeois Hyundai

Why sell your vehicle to Bourgeois Hyundai?

Not only is Bourgeois Hyundai the best place to find a quality new Hyundai vehicle in Midland, Ontario, but we also offer an excellent selection of reliable pre-owned vehicles spanning all makes and models. As part of the Bourgeois Auto Group, consisting of our dealership alongside Bourgeois Motors Ford, Bourgeois Nissan, and Bourgeois Ford North, we’re always looking to purchase quality used vehicles that we can in turn share with the community. How can we be so confident in our ability to provide a fair value for your trade, and to be able to sell it? Well, we’ve been a part of the Midland community for over 75 years, earning your trust along the way.

We also offer a pressure-free environment, where you’re under no obligation to accept our offer or purchase a vehicle from us. Just have your vehicle appraised—for free—and we can go from there!

How we determine your vehicle’s value

By scheduling an appraisal appointment, we can work with you at your convenience to determine the value of your vehicle. This way, we can carefully inspect your vehicle to provide a fair and accurate assessment, looking at both its exterior and interior condition, take a test drive, then allow a member of our service team to examine the mechanical integrity of your car. Once we have a good idea of these factors, we can start to determine your vehicle’s market price and our offer.

How can you improve your vehicle’s value?

We get this question a lot, so whether you just want to improve your current vehicle’s value or you’re looking at trading in your new vehicle down the road, you can utilize the following tips to increase your trade-in’s value:

  • Maintain your vehicle’s exterior and interior condition (regular car washes and detailing help immensely)
  • Follow the suggested maintenance schedule of your vehicle
  • Keep all records related to your vehicle (finance, service, etc)
  • Hold on to all the parts and accessories that came with your vehicle

These four tips, along with respecting your vehicle and driving it carefully, are just a few of the ways you can ensure you keep the value of your vehicle as high as possible!

Now, Sell Your Car to Bourgeois Hyundai!

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